The average homeowner is constantly looking for ways to save money. One target is the monthly bills, and this is even more evident during the winter months. Here are some inexpensive ways to increase heating efficiency in the home and lower your bills.

Get rid of air leaks: your heating bills might be rising to air loss. If the heated air is finding a way out, your system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. If you seal areas where air can escape you can cut heat loss. You can find guides online for caulking and using weatherstrip around the home.

Use heat wisely: one reason for rising heating costs is neglecting to pay attention to the use of heat around the home. Make it a point to turn off the heat when you are leaving the room. Go through the house to make sure that no empty rooms are being heated.

Check insulation: your home needs to be insulated properly to make the most of your heating system. Hot air rises, so much of the heat in your home will escape through the attic. Make sure this space is well insulated to keep your costs down.

Buy a programmable thermostat: these devices can be set to turn off the heat automatically when you are away from home.

Lower vent fan use: vent fans in your home can move warm air outside. These are mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Try use them as little as possible during winter as the movement of warm air can make the system work harder.

Dress warmly: if you wear warmer clothing indoors you can rely less on your heating system. You can avoid turning up the temperature too high and still be comfortable. At nights you can sleep with a blanket.

Utilize a space heater: this is a good alternative for small families or people who live alone. There is no need to use your furnace if you can just warm up the room you are in.

Maintain your heating system: proper maintenance will ensure that the equipment is always functioning effectively.

Using more than one heating source can help you to keep overall costs down. Sometimes you can use the fireplace instead of the furnace for cheaper heating.

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