Anyone involved in property management or community representation recognizes that this is a major responsibility. Much of this rests on ensuring the safety of people in the community, and addressing public heath safety concerns. Chimney safety and maintenance should be one of the areas addressed by homeowner associations or community associations. Here are some ways to keep your community alert on the issue of chimney safety and maintenance.

  • Warn about scams – these are prevalent in the summer months, but can happen at any time of the year. People should be wary of chimney sweeps who make unsolicited home visits, especially if they are offering very cheap rates. Generally they are unable to provide documentation showing affiliation with professional chimney sweep associations, or a chimney sweeping license.
  • Offer community newsletters – this is an easy way to reach out to the entire community without having to make contact on an individual basis. Stock it with useful information, and helpful reminders every summer on chimney maintenance. Other helpful suggestions about carbon monoxide detectors and teaching kids about chimney safety should be included.
  • Build a relationship with a chimney sweep – when you find a reputable and professional sweep in your area it pays to keep in contact. Schedule early appointments and ask for help in educating your community on the importance of chimney maintenance.
  • Ask for and provider referrals – get referrals from neighbors when looking for a god chimney sweep. If you are satisfied with the work, don’t hesitate to provide this information to others in the community so they can spread the word.
  • Community meetings – if you have community meetings this is a good opportunity to remind people about chimney cleaning. You can even invite a chimney sweep to answer questions and to provide advice and tips to homeowners. Putting up flyers in the area is also a good idea.

Approaching some things at the community level can make them easier. You can help your neighbors to stay safe in the winter when it is easier to spread the word. Take advantage of social media, and make use of message groups to help in this regard. Remind the people in the community that it is cheaper to get their chimney cleaned before the temperatures start to drop. Provide them with all the information they will need on safety and maintenance and ways to contact a local chimney professional.

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