Winter is coming! Yes, we know that you do not want to hear that, but the truth is that it will be here before any of us are ready for it. Since we will just have to accept the fact that we will all be inundated with colder weather sooner than later, we must ask – is your chimney ready for winter?

Here are 4 reasons why now is the best time to get your chimney ready for the upcoming winter:

Clean and Inspect

It is necessary for your chimney to be cleaned and inspected every single year. If you have not had it done within the last year, then now is the time. If a professional finds any damage to your chimney during the inspection, you will need to have it fixed immediately and that means no heat. You will not be able to use your chimney for at least 24 hours prior to the repairs being completed and if the repairs take a long time, well, that is even more time without heat.


Any repairs will also need to be done to prevent further damage to your chimney. Cracks can get larger and parts can get rustier. All that damage can eventually cause your chimney to collapse quickly without warning.


Creosote buildup is another reason why you will want to have your chimney cleaned before your use it this winter. If the creosote buildup is bad, your chimney is at risk for catching on fire. The last thing that you want is a chimney fire that then spreads to the rest of your home.

Extra Water

Any water that enters your chimney can cause a lot of damage, so you will want to ensure that no water can get in. Once water begins to seep into the bricks and the mortar and goes through the freezing and thawing cycle, you will start to see damage to your chimney. Not only will the water damage your chimney, it can also damage your ceiling and your walls, causing extensive damage to your entire home.

We understand that you are still enjoying the beautiful weather that we are having, but we do recommend taking care of your chimney before you forget about it once again. Once you have set an appointment and had your chimney cleaned, you can once again go out and have fun with family and friends.

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