Chimney Performance Problems

As the cold months come back around you will start using your chimney more and more, even if it is only to knock the chill out of the house. But winter is not the time to think about cleaning your chimney. Inspection and cleaning are extremely important pre-fire maintenance steps; they’re something you should get out of the way during the warm periods so that it is always ready for use in winter. Call me before you light your first fireplace fire or wood stove fire, and I’ll help make sure your fireplace and chimney are up to speed 610-626-2439.

Fireplaces help make great memories for many families. It is the spot where families tend to gather for story time or warm snacks after a cold day, or where couples spend romantic evenings simply enjoying the company. However, none of this is possible if your chimney is not in good shape. A yearly inspection and cleaning will protect your home and your loved ones from potential harm.

Keeping the Chimney Clean

Generally, it is recommended that a chimney should be swept two times per year. A few homeowners try to do the job themselves, but quickly realize that this is best left to professionals. Due to the difficulty of the task, it is sometimes ignored altogether, but this can prove to be a very dangerous mistake. 

Fewer Allergens: A clean chimney actually means that fewer allergens will be present in the home. 

Less Creosote Buildup: Over time, creosote and dirt will build up in the chimney. Dirt can cause a blockage in the flue, and this will send smoke and gases into your home when the chimney is being used. Creosote is extremely dangerous, as there is the chance that it can ignite. Cleaning the chimney regularly eliminates the chance that it can become a fire hazard.

Prevent Water Damage: Cracks in the chimney liner, or flue, can cause water seepage. The resulting water damage to the home can eventually require expensive repairs. A yearly inspection will quickly unearth these problems so that you can deal with them. This is especially important for older homes as these chimneys are more susceptible to damage and corrosion.

Inspection and Cleaning of Gas Fireplaces

Some people mistakenly believe that if their chimney uses a gas flame, there is no need to have the chimney swept. These types of chimneys must also be cleaned, but require less attention than wood burning chimneys. Keep in mind as well that debris can occasionally fall down the chimney which can create a blockage and potential fire or safety hazard.

Chimney Sweep Credentials

Ensure that any chimney sweep you use is fully registered. This will also give you some assurance that you can expect the job to be properly done. Without the right training, trying to do the job could be dangerous. Rely on a professional chimney sweep to keep your home and family safe.

Ask to see their license and other credentials. The amount of education that goes into becoming a professional chimney sweet is very extensive. Those of us who enjoy our job and take pride in our work are proud to share our credentials with you. Call any time to discuss your options and schedule a consultation. I’d be glad to share my experiences and credentials with you.