Dryer vents require professional cleaning once in a while to maintain efficiency and to prevent house fires. You can also do your part to make this appliance operate safely while lowering your energy bills. The dryer is an appliance that you will use often, so it is wise to give it the attention it deserves. An annual visit by a technician is usually recommended, but if you use your dryer frequently it is a good idea to schedule a second appointment. Between visits, here are some simple steps you can take to keep it running properly.

  • Get out the lint – Lint is the dryer vent’s biggest problem, and this is what poses a fire hazard. When lint builds up in the lines, it causes a blockage that slows the flow of heated air from the dryer. The dryer will work harder and start to overheat, and you will see an increase in your electricity bill. Disconnect the tube and use a vacuum to clear out the lint. This will not be the thorough job that a professional can do but it will be a big step in keeping the dryer working properly.
  • Use dryer sheets sparingly and clean regularly – Everybody loves the smell that dryer sheets leave in clothes, but there is a downside to using them too often. They can speed up the buildup of lint inside the vents and give the dryer more work to do. Sweeping up around the dryer is also important as the vent can pull debris into the system.
  • Know your dryer – When you use an appliance often you should get used to the way it sounds and operates. If you need two or more cycles to dry the same load that one cycle did easily, you know that something is wrong. Pay attention to any unusual sounds as this could indicate a mechanical problem. Struggling dryers produce a lot of heat, so if it seems like yours is overheating, call a technician to give the appliance a check.

If you really want to keep your dryer operating at maximum efficiency, find a reliable technician in your area and stick with that professional. Do not fall prey to cleaning scams that are especially prevalent in the summer season. If your utility bills have been rising, you should get some relief after getting you dryer vents cleaned.

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