If you’ve owned and regularly maintained a fireplace for quite some time, then you’re likely used to your yearly level 1 inspection. Often, a level one inspection is all that’s necessary, especially if you haven’t undergone any major changes in the past. However, there are circumstances when a more in-depth evaluation is required. That’s where a level 2 inspection comes in.Level 2 Chimney Inspections - Delaware County PA - Lou Curley's Chimney Service

Are You Buying Or Selling A Home?

One of the main reasons a homeowner might invest in a level 2 inspection is during the sale or transfer of property. This is a requirement for anyone involved in the process, and it’s important to note that a home inspector won’t cover all of the ins and outs that a certified sweep will. It’s simply not part of their job description, and they aren’t required to look inside the flue at all.

All parties involved in the buying or selling process should know the value of the home in question. The chimney is a big part of the property’s draw so evaluating it is a necessary step. If you want to get an accurate and knowledgeable assessment, depend on our crew. We have the equipment, the training, and the expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Other instances where a level 2 inspection would be necessary are after a major change to the system. This would include changes such as fuel type, switching materials, relining or major repair. Anything that threatens the structural soundness triggers this inspection as well. Those might include a chimney fire or similar event, a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, or a rebuild.

Difference Between A Level 1 & Level 2 Inspection

Why is a level 2 inspection the new standard? If no changes were made to your system and it seems to be running fine, then a basic overview of your fireplace and chimney should be just fine. Unfortunately, there are many instances where this is not the case. A level 1 inspection only requires the sweep to inspect all easily accessible parts of the chimney. They will look for damages, obstructions and creosote buildup but cannot see the whole system.

Some systems are good to go after this type of overview. Unfortunately, if any bigger issues are suspected, then a closer look is necessary. This guarantees a safer living space and a better functioning appliance.

A level 2 inspection encompasses all the parts of a level 1 inspection and requires a video scan of the chimney’s interior. This ensures that every crack is examined and accounted for. From there the sweep can take note of any necessary repairs and build up. Afterward, the sweep will make suggestions as to how the homeowner might best proceed forward with any necessary repair or cleaning work.

Our Sweeps Are Qualified To Help You Out

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