Due to their basic function, chimneys have very specific maintenance requirements. We can deal with a variety of chimney problems. This way, we will help keep your chimney working the way it should. However, if you live in an old home that is more than fifty years old, chimneys will give you additional issues to deal with. These will not only affect your ability to use the fireplace, it can eventually cause other problems in the home.

On the plus side, old brick and mortar chimneys tend to hold up pretty well over time. Some of these chimneys are in houses that are more than 100 years old, and have never needed to be replaced. Some of the most beautiful homes in the Berwyn area are several decades old and still proudly display their original chimney.

A quick inspection will tell you if your old chimney is standing the test of time. You can perform a quick visual inspection to gauge the overall outward appearance of your chimney pretty easily. To make sure that your old chimney is in the best shape, call us for an inspection. If you notice that yours is cracking, leaning or causing leaks in the home, do not ignore these potential problems. These could be signs of rot and foundation problems. It might be necessary to replace the chimney, so be prepared for this news when you call for an inspection.

Dealing with Shifting Dirt

One thing that almost every homeowner knows is that the ground under a home constantly shifts. This is usually not a problem for newer houses, but this does not always hold true for older houses. This shifting can cause problems for the chimney. You may start to notice that bricks are cracked or they are beginning to come loose. This will have to be dealt with immediately. There’s a good chance that you may only need to replace a section of the chimney.

Dealing with Harsh Weather

Don’t underestimate the ability of harsh weather conditions to cause your chimney’s masonry to deteriorate. Mortar mixtures may vary with each project, so it is tough to predict how long it will last. This is especially true for chimneys due to the constant exposure to extreme heat from the fire and extreme cold externally.

Dealing with Mortar Loss

The structure will also start to lose mortar, but you might not have to pay for a complete replacement. If the mortar loss is not severe, it is possible to chip some of it away and put in new mortar. Of course, the sooner you get professional help for chimney problems the better as full replacement can sometimes be avoided.

Be Cautious and Question Everything

The bottom line is that if you own a really old home, it is OK to be a bit pessimistic about the health of your chimney. To determine the state of your chimney, give us a call now. We can give you the full picture on the health of your chimney and keep it functioning properly.