The holidays are a very exciting time of year for children of all ages; as the song implies kids from one to ninety-two. We love driving through neighborhoods surrounding Drexel Hill and seeing the creative decorations people use. We see Santa perched on the roof with his reindeer and sled, some pretty amazing lighting displays, and several Grinches in varying positions. Today we want to discuss how you can keep your fireplace and chimney safe this holiday season without compromising on holiday decorations.

  • Don’t cover the top of the chimney with decorations. Smoke and dangerous gases have to have a way to escape. Don’t cover the chimney with any type of decoration. Stand Santa near the chimney or tuck him behind it if he needs to appear to be going down into it to deliver gifts.
  • Don’t hang heavy decorations from the side of the chimney crown. The chimney is a very strong structure, but don’t tempt fate by hanging something heavy precariously from the top of it. You could damage the chimney crown or cause the chimney to crack or break.
  • Don’t hang flammable decorations within three feet of the fireplace opening if you’re going to be using the fireplace. Decorate everywhere if you’re not going to use the fireplace at all, but if you plan to use it even once, make sure all decorations are at least three feet away from it before you light it.
  • Pad the hearth to keep toddlers or children from being injured in accidental falls. The hearth is a very dangerous thing for toddlers. Use interlocking floor tiles or a hearth guard to pad the front, top, and corners of the hearth to protect playful toddlers.
  • Don’t stand the Christmas tree too close to the fireplace or any decorative object that uses open flame.
  • Don’t leave candles unattended. Candles are a beautiful decoration item for fireplaces. They help add a gentle glow to the surrounding area and are one of many staples of holiday decoration.
  • Change the batteries in the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. You don’t need the battery losing power and creating a continuous beeping noise while you have guests over for holiday dinners and celebrations.
  • Have both the fireplace and chimney inspected before the holidays in case you do need to use them. The holiday season has a way of inducing heartwarming feelings that may make you want to light a fire with that person who makes your holidays brighter simply by being there. Or you may need to light a fire just to knock the chill out of the air. Make sure the surrounding decorations are moved and that nothing is in harm’s way.

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