Signs of fall are everywhere you look. The temperature is starting to drop a little and every store or outlet in town is offering back to school specials. Some big stores even have Halloween decorations out already! We’ve been busy helping people prepare their chimney and fireplace for the upcoming fall season and making sure they’re ready for winter. Here are the steps you need to follow to ensure that your chimney is ready for the abuse it will see throughout winter this year.

Inspect it – A chimney inspection will quickly reveal potential problems with the chimney. We will offer an extensive report on the current condition of your chimney as well as a plan to repair it if needed.

Repair it – Chimney repair may be as basic as installing a chimney cap or as extensive as repairing broken masonry or installing new flashing. The more extensive the repairs, the more expensive the job will be. So if you’ve taken care of your chimney over time, you can expect little in the way of repairs.

Waterproof it – Waterproofing is a necessity for masonry chimneys. Water expands when it freezes and this causes tiny cracks in brick and mortar. Tiny cracks in bricks lead to spalling in which the face of the brick will chip away and fall off. Cracks in the mortar create structural instability and a potentially dangerous situation if they’re not taken care of in a timely manner.

Clean it – Creosote is the tar-like buildup that collects on the inside of your flue. It is made up of the byproducts of fire – unburned pieces of wood. It is very flammable and puts your home at risk for a chimney fire. Our professional chimney sweeps have the tools required to clean out creosote and ensure that your chimney is no longer a fire hazard.

Light it Up

Now that your chimney and fireplace have been inspected, cleaned, repaired if needed, and waterproofed, it’s time to light the first fire of the season! Grab your favorite movie, your favorite beverage, and your favorite blanket and enjoy the flickering glow.

Early Chimney Inspections

It’s very important that you do not light a fire in the fireplace until you’ve made sure there is nothing in the chimney. Small animals and birds often seek refuge in the flue and may build nests there during the summer months. They are likely gone by fall, but the debris left behind by their nest will likely still be in place. A chimney cap is designed to keep most critters from being able to go into the chimney but very small birds may still be able to.

Chimney Cleaning Deals in Delaware County

Lou Curley’s Chimney Service is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. We service Delaware County and most towns along the Main Line. We offer monthly deals on inspections, cleaning, repair, and flue relining, so make sure to ask about our deals when you call. Throughout August 2015, we’re offering $20 off a chimney cleaning. Check in with us in September to see what the next great deal will be.