The more you know about the significance of chimney cleaning and maintenance, the longer your chimney will last. More importantly, this is crucial for the safety of your family as well. Chimney fires can start without warning due to creosote buildup. A blocked chimney can fill your home with dangerous gases in a relatively short period of time. Considering the potential issues that can arise from chimney use, it is reasonable to think about your immediate environment as a contributing factor.

The Climate

Aside from trying for a romantic setting, the fireplace is generally not used for most of the year. Creosote deposits form more quickly when you use the chimney frequently. In areas with longer winters, the fireplace will be kept going for several hours every day.

Cleaning and inspection should take place at least once every year regardless of how often you use the chimney. Failing to get your chimney cleaned after using it for those long winter months is a recipe for trouble. If you live in area that is known for long harsh winters, an annual cleaning is critical for its longevity. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that a regularly used chimney be cleaned at least twice per year and a rarely used chimney cleaned and inspected at least once per year.


Nature will also play a role in preventing your chimney from functioning the way it should. Large trees on your property could cause problems if they are close to the house. Windblown leaves and twigs will get into the chimney and cause a blockage over time. Trees in your area that shed their leaves each year don’t even need to be on your property to cause problems for your chimney.

Small animals and birds are known to make their way into chimneys for warmth. Birds make nests in chimneys all the time, and homeowners sometimes do no notice until they light their fireplaces. Even if this has not happened to you, it is wise to get a chimney cap installed. This will also keep out rain which can help to weaken the interior masonry. Heavy storms will not only send objects into the chimney, it could affect the flashing, especially if the building is old.

Even modern chimneys are vulnerable to what takes place in the environment. Do what you can to protect this part of your home, and it will continue to perform its vital function. Contact Lou Curley for inspection and sweeping, or as soon as you notice any problems with odors when you use your fireplace.

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