When the summer season ends, homeowners start to think about their fireplaces and chimneys. In homes that lack these features, this might be an ideal time to think about getting them. This is a big decision, as there are different types available. No one should simply buy a fireplace just for the look and then think about getting it installed. You might find that you made the wrong choice, so start by considering these factors.

  • The best spot for the fireplace. Is there a room in your house that tends to be colder than the others? Or do you think the room where the family gathers often is the best location? A man who spends a lot of time in his den or man cave might think that this is the best spot. Whether you want the fireplace mostly for the ambience or for supplemental heating will also influence its location. An outdoor fireplace will be different from one that you would use in the family room or master bedroom.
  • Your budget. Like so many other decisions you make for the home, your budget will influence your choice of fireplace. The range of sizes and styles available is large, so there is something to suit almost any income level. In addition, you have to think about the cost of installing the fireplace.
  • The look of your home. You should ignore the importance of ensuring that anything you add to your home conforms to its style. If your home’s interior has basic look, you will be able to find a suitable fireplace with no trouble. Of course, you can also upgrade the look of the interior by adding a modern, luxurious fireplace if your budget allows.
  • How much time you have for maintenance. Wood burning fireplaces have to be cleaned regularly to help maintain efficiency. Some people would prefer to avoid this chore, especially if they use their fireplaces often. Some opt for gas fireplaces since they require less maintenance, and there is no need to tend the fire.
  • Your storage space. If you plan to get a wood burning fireplace, you should have a dry place to store your logs. During winter, it may be difficult to go out to buy wood, so keep this in mind when looking for the right fireplace.

Most people use their fireplaces to help lower their heating bills. Talk to your local chimney sweep about heat output, and the types of fireplaces that help to lower energy costs. Give us a call at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll offer our professional advice on where to install your fireplace and help you choose the best type for your individual needs.