What happens when winter is over and you still have a lot of firewood leftover? Do you have a particular place you store your firewood to keep it dry so you can use it next winter, or do you discard it because you have no dry place to store it? After all, you have spent a lot of money on firewood and you really do not want it to go to waste. Here are some helpful tips for properly storing your firewood for next season.

Inside Your Home: Keeping firewood inside of the home may seem like a good idea, but it can expose your home to a host of bugs and other unwanted critters. Keeping a small stack in a wood rack beside your fireplace is a good suggestion, but you do not want to store an abundance of firewood inside of your home. If you must keep your firewood inside of the home, in the basement is the best place to consider.

Open-Ended Woodshed: The best place to consider storing your firewood is in an open-ended woodshed. You want to make sure that your firewood is kept in a place where it can remain dry have well circulated air. Most open-ended woodsheds are covered with a roof to protect wood from rain but have at least one open side for good air circulation. This type of shed doesn’t have to be elaborate, just functional.

Off the Ground: Your firewood should not be stacked on the ground. Stacking them on the ground could cause it to get wet and begin to rot. It is suggested that you purchase a log rack to keep the wood off of the ground and to help protect it from bugs and other insects. If using a log rack, make sure that it is steady so that the wood will not fall. You may also use pallets or build a small rack that keeps the wood from touching the ground.

Away from the Home: Keep your firewood stored at least 30 feet away from your home. This is a good tactic because firewood is good for attracting bugs and other pests. Mice and other small creatures seek protection in spots such as the woodshed. They often find their way into the home if they’re too close.

Use a Tarp: If you cannot store your firewood inside of a shed, you should purchase a cover to protect the logs inside of the log rack. You can find rack covers at a retail store or use a nylon tarp. Make sure to uncover the wood often, preferably on sunny days, to allow proper air circulation.

Stacking Firewood for Storage: The ideal way to stack your firewood is to place the larger pieces of firewood at the bottom of the log rack and begin stacking into rows. Remember not to stack the firewood too high and to make sure that the stack is steady. This is a good tactic to keep the wood from falling and putting you at risk when accessing the wood.

Now that you have the proper tips to storing firewood for the next season, you are able to enjoy your fresh firewood when those cold wintry nights roll around again or if you happen to have a few spontaneous romantic evenings at home.