All fireplaces are not the same. What is ideal for one home is not the best fit for another. You need to have an understanding of what is available before deciding on which type of fireplace is best for your home. Your taste, the decor of your home and your budget will all play a role in your choice of a fireplace. The main types to choose from are:

Electric Fireplaces

If you live in an apartment, the electric fireplace is ideal. These fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles, making it possible to find on that suits just about any type of home décor. Because they come already made, these are easier to install than a wood burning fireplace. Most gas fireplaces are small, making them suitable for use in small rooms. When buying, make sure to discuss the energy efficiency rating of the type you want to buy.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

These are the traditional type of fireplaces and are perfect for homeowners who want to experience the scent of real wood burning. The comfortable sounds of the wood burning and the look of these types are hard to beat for authenticity. These are also the most time intensive when it comes to maintenance and use. They also require that you use the right type of wood, which also requires storage space for the wood. They are more expensive as well, not only because they need to have a good chimney, but also for the maintenance.

Gas Fireplaces

These are cleaner and more efficient than wood burning types. They also use a wider variety of burning material such as ceramic logs which gives the appearance of wood. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, these do not lose heat up a chimney. They are also a lot easier to use, requiring just the push of a button to operate.

Ethanol Fireplaces

These are the newest addition to fireplaces, and are growing in popularity. They do not require any expensive retrofitting of a home to install. Being vent-free, ethanol fireplaces keep the heat in the room instead of any escaping through the chimney. These are easy to use, requiring only that the ethanol is poured into the container and lit. Also, this type requires little in the way of cleaning as there is no ash and soot to remove.

This type of fireplace is also a good choice if you like the concept of green living. Being mobile, they can be moved around if needed. Ethanol fireplaces are great for condos and apartments. For design, they can work well in just about any home decor.

Fireplaces are for Decor and Utility

You will also need to decide if the fireplace will be mostly for decorative purposes or for a more utilitarian one. Some types such as electric and ethanol comes with inserts that make it possible for you to design own fireplace. With modern innovations, fireplaces can be placed in columns or place on a pedestal; in fact you are limited only by your budget and your imagination.

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