Few things are as relaxing as sitting in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter night. One of the good things about using the fireplace for warmth is that it can help to lower your energy costs. It is also considered sustainable since most wood sources are easy to regrow.

Unfortunately, we don’t all get the right amount of heat from the fireplace that we should be getting. This is a waste of energy, since you will have to keep adding more wood to the fire to increase heat levels. Here are some easy ways to increase heat levels and boost efficiency.

Remember the annual chimney sweep visit. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they can get away with skipping chimney cleaning after years of regular visits. Even after a short winter and infrequent fireplace use, there will be creosote in the chimney. Using the chimney the following year will increase creosote and the risk of a fire. Creosote buildup can affect the airflow and decrease efficiency.

  • Open the damper fully. A completely open damper lets in plenty of air for the fire to thrive and give off enough heat.
  • Add glass doors. This is not only an attractive feature for the fireplace, it can be functional as well. Closing glass doors when you are using the fireplace will cause the chimney’s temperature to rise. This slows the movement of warm air from the room, so you will have more heat from the fireplace.
  • Install a fireplace insert. Firs you should get the dimensions of your fireplace so you can find an insert that fits it perfectly. A double-wall unit that comes with a fan improves circulation and provides greater efficiency.
  • Use only seasoned wood. One of the chief reasons for inefficient fires is the uses of poor quality fuel. Wood that is not properly seasoned will not give you enough heat, and it causes faster creosote buildup as well, creating a fire hazard.

All of these tips are ways to increase the heat for your fireplace without spending a lot of money. Efficient fires will make your home warmer and lower your energy costs. Before you buy a chimney insert, talk to a chimney sweep about pros and cons and what is the best one for you.

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