Not everyone realizes that they should have their chimney cleaned and inspected before the weather turns cooler. That is why when September arrives, every reputable chimney professional has a waiting list a mile long of people who need and want a clean chimney.

Getting your chimney cleaned is the first step and an inspection is the second, because that inspection will show if there is any damage to your chimney that will affect you using it.

Here are 3 reasons why end of summer chimney repair and waterproofing can save your chimney:


Precipitation comes in rain, snow, and ice and it can all creep down into your chimney if you are not careful. That water can cause significant damage to not only your chimney, but eventually your home. When you waterproof your chimney, you are preventing water from seeping into the bricks and the mortar. That will keep your bricks and mortar from cracking and crumbling into pieces.

Brick and Mortar Repair

The material that is used to repair the bricks and mortar on your chimney needs warmer temperatures in order to cure properly. While these repairs can be done during the winter months, it is only possible when the temperature is going to be above freezing for a certain number of days in a row. If the temperatures are below freezing, then the work will need to stop until the weather is a little warmer.

Length of Repairs

Certain repairs take a long time to complete. By choosing to have them done during the summer, you can control when they are done and work with your existing schedule. If you wait, then you are taking the chance that you will not be able to use your chimney for an extended length of time. A cold house is not what anyone wants as the temperatures begin to drop.

We understand that no one wants to think about their chimney during the summer, but if you take the time now, you can continue to enjoy your chimney for many years in the future. Plus, if the weather is still beautiful in late September, you can be out having fun while everyone else is dealing with their dirty chimneys.

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