If you have not had your chimney cleaned and inspected yet, then we recommend that you pick up the phone and make an appointment right away! Before you know it, the temperatures will be cooling down and you will begin thinking about lighting your first fire of the season. We know that you will want your chimney to be safe when you see that first flame.

Here are 4 ways early chimney repairs can prevent a lot of headaches and repair costs later:


The only way to remove creosote and other debris from your chimney is to have it cleaned. Once it is cleaned, you will not have to worry about anything catching on fire inside your chimney and having it spread to your home. During a cleaning, a chimney professional will also conduct an inspection to ensure that your chimney does not have any damage. The sooner the damage is spotted, the less it will cost to repair.

Warm Weather

Chimneys should always be repaired during the summer months, because the warm or hot temperatures help the materials cure a lot better. If those same repairs are done when the temperatures are cooler, there is a good chance that the repairs will not last as long as they should.


Rainy weather hits during the spring and then the rain continues as summertime thunderstorms. All that water can cause damage to your chimney and the surrounding areas of your home. A water leak can begin with the chimney and then damage the roof, causing water to leak through and continue to the ceiling and the walls of your home. The flashing, chimney crickets, and crowns should be replaced during warm weather for the best results.


Chimney professionals tend to get busier as it gets closer to the fall season, so we recommend that you make an appointment sooner than later to avoid a long wait. Time is also an issue when it comes to certain repairs. Some repairs can take a long time and that means that you will be waiting longer to heat your home, since you cannot use your chimney until all the repairs are complete.

Chimney repairs can be expensive, which is why it is very important to fix them as soon as they are spotted. Safety is also a concern, especially when the damage is left and the chimney deteriorates even further.

The chimney sweeps here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service are CSIA Certified and we have years of experience under our belts. We strive to continue our education as often as possible so we’re always in the position to offer you the best possible chimney services in Drexel Hill and all along the Main Line. Call us at 610-626-2439 to discuss your chimney needs or to schedule an appointment for a chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, or chimney repair.