We know that we always tell you that you should never decorate your mantel over your fireplace, because it can become a fire safety hazard. Well, we know that it can become a huge blank space that you can get tired of looking at, so we wanted to give you a few safe ways to make it look a little less dull.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you decorate your mantel safely:

  1. Use Art: It is perfectly fine to place a piece of art up on your mantel. You can choose to have a large framed piece hung professionally or you can simply prop a few smaller framed pieces up against the wall.
  2. Add a Mirror: A mirror is another great addition for over your fireplace and you can choose one in any shape that you want. This is an item that we recommend having professionally hung as it can be heavy and can fall off easily if it isn’t attached properly.
  3. Add One or Two Objects on the Side: Sometimes less is more and that can be a good thing for your mantel. You can group together one or two objects on one side of your mantel to create a modern look. The objects can be anything that you want as long as nothing is hanging over the side of the mantel.
  4. Use a Collection: Is your china collection, or antique tea set sitting in a cabinet somewhere? Instead of keeping it locked away, we recommend displaying part of it out on your mantel. You can display dishes using small plate stands and your teacups can sit on their saucers. We guarantee that they will both make wonderful conversation starters.
  5. Add Trophies or Awards: Do you have a hobby that you are successful with? If you do, then you should show it off a little bit. Your mantle is the perfect place to put one or two of your trophies or awards. You can group them around a photo or work of art that ties into what you do.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to decorate your mantel and make it a little less boring and dull. None of these ideas will cause a fire hazard, so you and your family will be safe as a fire is burning this cold winter season.

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