It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to hang the stockings by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nick will soon be here. The chimney and fireplace are traditional and iconic furnishings where Christmas is concerned. They’re also a source of house fires if you aren’t careful with the combustible holiday decorations. Let’s look at some safety measures to take while decorating the hearth for the holidays.

Decorating the Hearth with an Active Fireplace

The number-one thing we can say about decorating the hearth for the holidays is to make safe choices, especially if you will be using the fireplace to add to the holiday cheer. Don’t go overboard with decorations if you intend to light a fire in the fireplace. Most holiday decorations are highly combustible and should be placed more than three feet away from the fireplace if the fireplace is in use.

Decorating the Hearth with No Fires Planned

Decorating options are endless when you don’t plan to build a fire in the fireplace at all. You can even put your Christmas village in the fireplace and on the hearth if you want. Consider keeping the fire appeal by using electric candles with flickering bulbs in the fireplace instead of candles with a real flame. You can truly decorate until your heart is content as long as fire isn’t a factor.

Whole Home Decorations

Choose decor that matches or complements other decor throughout the home for the fireplace. The fireplace can truly become the focal point of the room if you use the right lighting and decoration options and tie the rooms together using decorations. Consider purchasing holiday-specific sofa cushions, centerpieces for your coffee table, and rugs that help bring out the beauty and details of the decorations used on the fireplace.

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