As a responsible homeowner, you probably take the time to check your chimney now and then between visits from the chimney professional. You may see cracks, creosote deposits, and maybe even some brick or mortar damage. A chimney professional can address these things quickly, but it is the problems you can’t see that you should be most concerned about. This is one of the main reasons why you should already have an established with a licensed and insured chimney sweep.

A Thorough Inspection

The range of issues that can affect the chimney is broad. Further complicating matters is the varying heights and sizes of chimneys. Inspecting the chimney from the top and through the fireplace is not too challenging, but the flue is another matter. The position of the flue makes it difficult to see and to inspect it properly. Minor signs of damages, such as rust and warping can be missed.

The best way to have a detailed inspection of the flue is by using a CCTV system. This allows the technician to see firsthand, the state of the chimney and the flue. Sometimes, a technician has to create a small access hole to check inside the structure properly. With this method, the technician can also get other important information such as the interior dimensions, and the state of the brickwork. Usually the camera is sent through the top of the chimney, and even a tall structure does not present a problem.

CCTV Survey

The camera system contains LED light that leaves no detail unnoticed. The camera is affixed to a flexible cable, making it easy to feed it into the chimney. Advantages to doing this type of survey include:

  • It can help the technician to get into the difficult to see areas of the structure.
  • This is helpful in providing an evaluation before buying a home
  • A survey can reveal an structural issues that can create a danger for anyone who will be working on the chimney
  • After major chimney repairs, a camera survey can help to determine the quality of the work
  • A technician can quickly come up with a solution to a problem in the chimney after a proper visual inspection

To keep using your chimney safely, it is best to take advantage of the best technology available. With regular cleaning and inspections a CCTV survey might not be necessary, follow the advice of your professional chimney sweep.

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