Dryers can be found in many homes, and like any major appliance that is used regularly, a little understanding of the equipment is necessary. Dryer vents require maintenance, even when they are not used often. For most homeowners, this equipment is essential, so you should be aware of some of the problems you might encounter.

  • Pressure on the transition tubing. In a bid to create space in the washroom, you might push your dryer close to the wall. This presses down on the dryer tubing, and after some time it can restrict the flow of heat. The best fix is to use semi-rigid metal ducts, as this material is not at as easy to compress.
  • Blocked screen. The screen will keep birds and small rodents out of the vents, but they can become clogged by dirt and lint. Have a regular cleaning schedule in place to keep the screen clear and prevent a backup in the system.
  • Poor installation. Some dryer vent issues arise from improper installation. This can lead to leaks or high temperatures in the vicinity of the dryer.
  • Clogged vents. With each use of the dryer, a little lint is deposited in the vents. When this continues to build up it will block the vents and make the dryer work harder. This produces excessive hat, increases your electricity bill and puts a strain on the equipment.
  • Exhaust problems. The buildup of lint can clog the dryer vent’s exhaust. This will keep the lint inside the system, increasing the risk of a fire. At some point, the exhaust flap can start to stick possibly due to the buildup of lint.
  • Corrosion of the vent. In older homes that have corrugated exhaust vents there may be some corrosion after repeated use. The only solution here is to replace these vents with newer types that are in keeping with modern building code standards.
  • Too many vent bends. In a poorly design duct system, there may be too many bends. This actually slows the release of heat from the dryer, and makes it easier for lint to build up in these corners.

In all of these situations, you should have the number for a chimney and vent cleaning service. A technician can clear out the vents, and determine whether the system is adequate for your dryer’s needs.

Give us a call at 610-626-2439 if Lou Curley’s Chimney Service can assist you with your dryer vent problems and cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning should always be taken care of by a certified chimney sweep because of all of the potential dangers involved. One spark of static electricity can create a fire, and inside the dryer vent, this can be pretty explosive.