A chimney has one main function, and that is to channel smoke from a fireplace or other type of heat source, out of the home. To do this properly, internal components have to be in the best condition, which is not always the case in some homes. One sore point for homeowners where chimneys are concerned is that venting problems can lead to air loss. This can quickly drive up expenses. A bigger concern however, is whether air loss from the structure could point to something more serious. 

Why Venting is so Important

The term draft refers to the way the air moves up the chimney. As it travels upwards, it carries smoke and potentially harmful gases with it. As you would imagine, if this is not happening in the right way, some of the smoke and gases could end up inside the home. Effective draft incorporates the temperatures, pressure, amount and the speed of movement of gases from the chimney flue. 

Reasons for Poor Chimney Draft

When your chimney has a draft problem, this simply means that the air is not flowing out the way it is supposed to. A few possible reasons for this are:

Fans – helps help to circulate air in the home, but they can create extra work for the chimney. Even if the fan is not in the same room as the fireplace or wood stove, it can affect the natural draft. 

Air entering the chimney – thankfully, this is not a common problem, and it is sometimes due to a chimney that is the incorrect height. If air enters the chimney it creates enough pressure to keep flue gases from flowing out properly. 

Checking for Draft Problems

The most obvious sign of a poor draft is that you notice smoke inside the house when using the chimney. You might also realize that the chimney smoke is less than you are used to seeing. A chimney sweep can use a pressure meter to determine the quality of the draft. Addressing a draft problem usually does not take long, and it is usually not an expensive repair job.

Chimney Repair in Drexel Hill

If you notice that your cooling bills are higher this summer, this could be a sign that you can expect chimney airflow problems in winter. Do not wait to make an appointment, as summer is the best time to deal with chimney repairs. Tackling a draft problem will allow you to use your chimney safely. 

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