Before buying a house you will receive an inspection report, but it might not be as detailed as you want it to be. The chimney for example might receive only a cursory examination, not enough to tell you what is really going on. Even if you have had the house for years, you probably don’t know much about your chimney system. This is why you should rely on our expert help and advice to ensure that your chimney system is always in great shape. One way we can do this is by telling you when your chimney needs relining.

What is Chimney Relining?

A chimney liner or flue liner helps to prevent house fires by taking some of the heat upwards and away from the interior of the home. Clay tile liners are the most popular as they can withstand intense heat, they also last for a longer time and are relatively inexpensive. Other types are made of metal, or metal and ceramic. In some older homes, chimney liners were never installed, so you should get your chimney checked if you buy an older house. Your family’s safety is important and you want to also safeguard your investment.

Over time, liners will begin to break down, making them less effective at protecting the home from fire. Every time you use the fireplace you could be putting your family at risk. While you might be able to spot major damage to the liner, you can’t see small cracks without special equipment. So don’t think that your liner is fine just because it seems to be holding up well. Every so often get some expert help to examine your chimney so that degrading liners are spotted early before major problems develop.

Other Considerations

If there is one thing that you must understand about chimney relining, it is that it can become a complex job. Depending on the design of the chimney, it can take a lot of work to remove the old tiles so that new liners can be installed. Sometimes it is necessary to go through the walls of the chimney to get to the tiles. Liners sometimes have to be retrofitted to work with older chimneys. This is not the kind of job you want to give to just anyone.

Certification and experience of the chimney professional doing this are important considerations for any homeowner, so you can trust us to get the job done right. You wouldn’t call your local grocer to repair your electrical system, so don’t trust anyone who isn’t a certified chimney sweep with your chimney.

For the best work on your chimney or fireplace CSIA certification is essential. This tells you that you can expect professionalism and an understanding of your unique needs. Whether you have a gas furnace, wood stove or fireplace we can install the right flue. If you have any concerns about the health of your flue liner or you’re just not sure, we can put your mind at ease.