Chimney Maintenance and Service in Delaware County, PA.

Moving to a new home or a new city can be confusing and overwhelming. You have to learn your way around new neighborhoods, discover the best routes through the city to avoid traffic, and find the best service providers for necessary maintenance and repairs in the area. Delaware county and the Main Line area are relatively easy to navigate when you get the hang of it. And because it is winter and most people are looking for the services of a certified chimney sweep, I decided to write up a quick welcome message to newcomers to the area; so Welcome! Let’s look at a few reasons to hire a chimney sweep, reasons to hire a chimney sweep, and chimney maintenance requirements.

Reasons to Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Your chimney is put through a lot of abuse on a daily basis; especially during the winter months. Schedule a chimney inspection at least once per year. I recommend in the fall just before the burning season begins or in the spring just after it ends. An inspection in the fall ensures that there are no problems with your chimney and there are no uninvited guests living inside it before you light the first fire. Inspecting in the spring ensures that the chimney didn’t sustain any damage during the winter months.

Reasons to Schedule a Chimney Cleaning

The chimney is a very dirty place. Regular noncombustible dirt wouldn’t be much of a problem, but the kind of dirty that’s inside your chimney is highly combustible. Combustible materials plus fire equals more fire, right? So the number one reason to schedule a chimney cleaning isn’t to clean up something dirty, it’s to prevent a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

DIY Chimney Sweep

It’s never recommended to sweep the chimney yourself. If, however, you decide to do it, make sure you have all of the proper tools and equipment for the job. Otherwise, call me.

Chimney Maintenance Requirements

A chimney is not just a pretty, decorative part of your home; it’s a functional appliance that must be maintained throughout the year. You should inspect it regularly and report any oddities or damages to a certified chimney sweep.

Call Lou Curley

Call me any time to discuss potential chimney problems and to schedule an appointment for a consultation, inspection, or cleaning. I provide inspection services for homebuyers, home sellers, and homeowners alike. A properly working chimney is a healthy one, and regular maintenance is the key to protecting the health of your chimney.

Most homeowners schedule their chimney cleaning for the same date each year that way they don’t forget it. It may be their anniversary or some other date that is important to them. It may also be the date that they normally change the batteries in safety items such as the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. Give me a call to schedule your chimney inspection and cleaning on the date of your choice.