Did you know that there is a chimney liner inside your chimney? If you did, great! If you didn’t, well, you’re not alone. At least half of the homeowners we have talked to that have chimneys were not aware that their chimneys had liners. One of the reasons for this is that chimney liners last almost forever, so it is not something that normally comes up in conversation, even during the sale of a home.

A chimney liner’s main function is to prevent a fire from occurring inside your chimney while also preventing your masonry from getting damaged. This is imperative since the rest of your home is made from combustible materials that can go up in flames in seconds. Therefore, if your chimney liner is damaged or needs replacing, we recommend that you do not wait, and you do not use your fireplace until you have it replaced.

Here are 3 types of chimney liner materials:

Clay Tile Liners

These are the most common types of chimney liners for older homes as they were inexpensive and could last for approximately fifty years. The downside to these liners is that they can crack when exposed to uneven heating and can be difficult to repair.

Cast-in Place Liners

These liners are permanent as they are poured in and left in place to harden. The solid liner offers insulation and adds more structural safety to a chimney without cracks or leaks. These liners can also withstand higher temperatures.

Metal Flue Liner

Metal flue liners are the most popular option for chimney liners nowadays as the installation process is easier and less expensive than other options. Most metal flue liners are made from stainless steel and they are resistant to the corrosion that occurs from combustion.

Most people will choose the metal flue liner for their chimney, but that doesn’t mean that you have to when you need yours replaced. We recommend talking to your chimney professional and find the one that will work best for your home and your needs.

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