Purchasing a home is a truly exciting time in the lives of most adults. We often save for years to finally be able to put down our 20% deposit and take the keys to that amazing house we’ve already fallen in love with. Some even equate the purchase of a home with their version of living The American Dream. Let us help make sure your dream home doesn’t have a monster lurking in the chimney before you sign on the dotted line.

Potential Chimney Problems in Real Estate

Burning wood creates creosote which forms in the chimney liner. A regular home inspection may cover certain areas of the chimney but it does not include a full chimney inspection. Here are some of the things we look for during an official chimney inspection for the sale of real estate, also known as a level three inspection.

We examine all readily accessible parts of the chimney. These areas include the firebox, hearth, and the chimney structure. If you can see it with a visual inspection, the level one chimney inspection covers it. The level one inspection also covers portions of the area that connects the fireplace or stove to the chimney. We will visually examine the flue to ensure that it is free of obstructions.

A level two inspection covers everything in the level one inspection plus areas of the chimney that aren’t exactly readily accessible. We may need to use everyday tools such as pliers or screw drivers to access these areas. We will require access to areas such as the attic, crawl space, or basement if needed to perform the inspection. The need for a level two inspection indicates that there may have been a chimney fire or that something irregular was discovered in the level one inspection.

A level three inspection covers everything in both the level one and level two inspections as well as removal of components where necessary. We may need to remove the crown to replace it with a new one if we see damage. We may need to remove and replace the flue or the flashing as well. A level three inspection is your best bet when you’re looking to purchase a home with at least one chimney. We will ensure that there are no problems lurking behind that lovely facade.

Buying a Home with a Chimney

Purchasing a home with a chimney isn’t quite the straightforward process that you may assume. Many issues may arise that put the chimney and the home at risk. Request a chimney inspection before you sign the contract paperwork so you can be sure that the fireplace and chimney elements in your investment is working as intended.

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