Most people don’t really think about chimney cleaning as a whole. However, it is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your property. You could easily neglect this and end up with serious problems down the line, including a diminished return in the value of your house. If you want to ensure that you have longevity under your roof, you’re going to want to pick up the pace in regards to cleaning this part of your house. It’s not just the interior either, you’ll want to make sure that the structure is sound and nothing is weakened over time. Call me any time to schedule an annual chimney inspection or cleaning with Lou Curley’s Chimney Service at 610-626-2439.

The Lining

From time to time, you’ll have to call in a professional to reline the flue in your chimney. This will help with diminishing the debris, smoke, and interior of your fireplace that could end up causing you serious problems. It’s not just a matter of valuation; it’s a matter of safety and health. If you do not clean out and replace the lining, you could end up breathing harmful chemicals that come off the wood you’re burning. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, and often referred to as the silent killer. You should not go too long without relining the chimney, and don’t do it yourself, call in a professional chimney sweep.

The Exterior

The exterior of your home’s fireplace is just as important as the interior. You want to make sure that your home’s chimney structure is sound, and the masonry is firmly in place. Any oversight here could cost you down the road. Don’t allow yourself to go too far with living at your residency without looking at the exterior chimney, roofing, and elements that are directly related to the fireplace. If you ignore this, you could end up with a problem that is far harder to fix than to just get an inspection here and there, and make minor repairs.

Routine Cleaning

From time to time, you should hire a professional to clean out the chimney, and repair any issues that may manifest. This may seem like a rudimentary thing, but many don’t really call in a pro until things are looking bad, damaged, or something serious is going on. Much like you would clean a pool on a regular basis, you should look into hiring a professional to clean out the fireplace and help you maintain proper flow for burning wood or any type of log you may want to put in place.

Without routine maintenance, you are going to find that the cost of repair, replacement, and relining can skyrocket, and cause you a great deal of headache. Not only that, without proper inspection and cleaning, you may breathe in toxins that can prove deadly in many ways. Don’t take a chance, hire a pro and get help with your chimney from time to time. Call me at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service at 610-626-2439 once a year to schedule an appointment.