Little black dots, musty smells, dampness, these are all signs of mold. You probably have spotted the little black dots above your shower on occasion or smelled a musty smell in a dark corner of your basement, but what about your fireplace or your chimney? Have you ever checked for mold in either of those places? Don’t worry; most people don’t, so you’re not alone.

Mold can form and grow in chimneys that are damp and poorly ventilated. If you do not have this mold removed, it can continue to grow and spread throughout the rest of your house. One of the best ways to check for mold is to hire a professional to clean your chimney.

They will be able to inspect the chimney for any cracks, missing pieces, and water damage as they are cleaning it. Any type of damage can allow water to seep into the chimney and sitting water is basically inviting mold spores to form. Repairing the damage will usually prevent the mold from returning.

If there is no damage to the chimney, there are still a couple of precautions that you can take to prevent mold growth. A chimney crown can be installed instead of a basic chimney cap. The crown extends past the bricks of the chimney by a couple of inches, so that any dripping water will not hit the bricks and go down the chimney. Another option is to have the bricks on your chimney sealed. The sealant will prevent any water from seeping through the bricks to the inside of the chimney.

If the mold has already begun creeping into your home on the outside of your fireplace, it can usually be easily cleaned. You can use a wire brush and an antifungal cleaner to remove it, but make sure you are careful in the process. The mold spores can be invisible and travel through the air to another area if you are not careful.

Mold can cause multiple health issues like asthma and headaches, so it is important to have it removed immediately. Using your fireplace, a little more often can help prevent the mold from growing, because it keeps the chimney and fireplace dry. You can also make sure that the mold is not returning over time by having your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional every year.

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