Anyone can put a magnet or sticker on their vehicle and advertise as a chimney sweep. So what prevents a completely uneducated and inexperienced person from inspecting and cleaning your chimney? Your research and knowledge of certificates that can be obtained through continued education. That’s what we’re going to go over today so you can make the best choice for your next chimney inspection and cleaning.

CSIA Certification

The Chimney Safety Institute of America certification is the first step toward becoming an elite part of the chimney care world. This is where Chimney Sweeps learn the important parts of the job and how to safely and efficiently inspect a fireplace and chimney to help homeowners ensure the proper functionality of both. This is also where we learn how to install and troubleshoot gas fireplaces, repair masonry chimneys, and the basics of chimney physics. Both of the Chimney Sweeps here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service are CSIA Certified.

C-DET Certification

The C-DET Certification is also available through the CSIA. This is where Chimney Sweeps are taught how to clean and prevent fires in dryer vents. The dryer vent and hose are responsible for more than 15,000 home fires per year. We want to help lower that statistic by teaching people the importance of having the dryer hose and vent inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

F.I.R.E Certifications

F.I.R.E. is an acronym for Fireplace Investigation Research and Education. This certification grants us the F.I.R.E. Certification and the title Registered Hearth Advisor. It says that we know and understand the proper functionality of all things related to the hearth, but not limited to the fireplace, stove, heater, furnace, boiler, chimney, and all associated vent systems.

NFI Certifications

National Fireplace Institute Certifications are considered the gold standard of the hearth industry. Master Hearth Professional is the highest level of certification by the NFI. This is the level of certification we possess at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service.

IAFCI Certification

The International Association of Fireplace and Chimney Inspectors Certification is an elite certification that requires continued education on an annual basis. Very few people strive to achieve this certification, but we see it as very important and take great pride in it.

The Importance of Continued Education

You wouldn’t want to take your diesel-fueled vehicle to a mechanic who only works on gasoline-powered vehicles. Sure, the mechanic works on vehicles, but understanding differences between the engine types is a very important part of the job. Diesel mechanics go to schools that are specifically designed to teach the ins and outs of diesel-powered vehicles of all sizes. The same is true for anyone who works in a targeted field.

Continued education in any given field means dedication to the craft. We are dedicated to all things chimney and hearth related as well as helping all homeowners learn how to prevent house fires. Many devastating chimney fires and dryer fires could have been prevented with an annual inspection and cleaning. If you would like more information about us, our certifications, or our services, call us at 610-626-2439.