A dirty dryer vent is an accident waiting to happen, but a house fire is not the only thing you have to worry about. A dryer vent that is clogged with lint can cause other problems for your home. Much of the moisture leaving clothes in the dryer will get trapped in it. If the moisture gets out of the duct it will end up inside the walls where it will cause rot and possibly mold growth. If you fail to notice this early, you could be looking at hundreds or thousands in repairs. Regular dryer vent inspections and cleaning are essential, but these products may also come in handy.

  • Booster fan – this a good product for homes with long dryer vents. These can slow the exhaust process leading to faster accumulation of lint and moisture. A booster fan helps to push the hot air though the system faster. This can actually help the dryer to function more efficiently. This is the most costly option, plus it will add to your energy bills but only marginally. In some cases, trying to shorten the length of the vent may be a better option.
  • Wall cap – this simple accessory is easy to install. It covers the end of the vent, but the pressure of the hot air is enough to push it up to accommodate dryer function. You can usually find this product for less than $20. If the cap does not lift properly, the problem could be with your duct system or the dryer connection.
  • Vent monitor – high pressure in your dryer vent can be dangerous. Installing a pressure monitor is an easy way to know what is happening inside the vent so you can take action when necessary. If the pressure rises above a certain level the monitor will emit a sound to warn you.
  • Dryer vent box – in many homes, vent problems start with the connection right behind the dryer. Installing a recessed vent box can create better connection. This will help to improve air flow by keeping the duct from becoming damaged or twisted.

Using one or more of these products does not mean that you can skip professional dryer cleaning. These simply offer you ways to improve efficiency and make your vents safer. These products are useful in homes with slow air flow through dryer vents even without heavy lint buildup.

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