If you’ve owned your fireplace for a while, then you know that scheduling annual inspections and sweepings is extremely important for the health of your chimney. A thorough sweeping will ensure all obstructions are removed, and it gives us the opportunity to clear out excess creosote, which is harmful to your structure and extremely flammable. The more you have, the chimney sweep on roof inspecting chmneyhigher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire, which would put your whole home at risk!

Unfortunately, countless homeowners put their maintenance off until the last minute which can cause a few hiccups when it comes to kicking off your burning season. Learn more below, then call on our team today to set up your appointment. Our CSIA certified crew is here to help you every step of the way!

Book Now Before We Get Busy

When the cool winds of fall finally arrive, there is simply no better place to be than curled up in front of a fire with a movie, magazine, or book. Unfortunately, many don’t think about this idyllic scene until cold weather is officially here, which means we get lots of calls late in the season from people hoping to squeeze in a last-minute sweeping.

As you can imagine, our schedule fills up fast around the holidays, which means finding a time slot that is convenient for you can present some challenges. We do our best to accommodate the busy schedules of our customer base, but sometimes it’s just not possible, and the homeowner is forced to rearrange some things.

Along with this, many are left waiting for weeks before an opening is available, which is less than ideal. Save yourself the stress and hassle that comes with last-minute scheduling, and work with our team of experts today. You’ll gain peace of mind going into your burning season, and you’ll be happy this work is out of the way when you’re relaxing in front of that crackling fire!

Need Repairs, Too? Why Summertime Is Ideal

If your sweeping revealed some masonry damage, then having this addressed as early as possible is a must. Warmer weather will always produce better and longer-lasting results when it comes to masonry repairs. Why is this? Well, many of the materials we use need to cure in a certain temperature range, and it can take some time, as well, meaning rainy, snowy, or cold weather can cause some problems. All in all, your structure will suffer, and you may need to put off fireplace use until sunny weather comes back around, which is less than ideal.

Not to mention, some repair jobs can take quite a bit of time, and since we get extra busy in the fall, fitting you in may become challenging. If you want to guarantee you get the most from your burning season, then the time to call is now! Our team is ready to get started.