One rule for chimney cleaning is that one that is used more frequently will require more cleanings and inspections. While this varies depending on the chimney, most people agree that August is a good time to call your local chimney sweep. What many homeowners do not realize is that creosote, while dangerous, is not the only thing to think about. A chimney that is in good shape one year, can sustain damage during the winter season.

Snow often melts and gets inside the chimney where it may be absorbed into the masonry. Freezing temperatures will turn this water into ice which will weaken and crack the masonry. So even if there is only a small amount of creosote, an inspection in August will help to get repairs done quickly. Waiting until after winter can lead to more severe damage and expensive repairs.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the fall season is the ideal time to call for an inspection and cleaning. This can be a busy time for a chimney sweep, especially if other people decided to wait. An early inspection will give you enough time to plan for repairs if necessary. It goes without saying that it is easier to carry out repairs at this time, rather than when the temperature begins to drop. Masonry work will not cure well in cold weather, so you will want to get this done early.

When you make an early start with chimney maintenance, you can get an appointment at a time that is convenient to your schedule. After August, you can get caught up in the late rush when chimney sweeps are busiest. Summer is usually a more flexible period for chimney sweeps. They can quickly carry out repairs, and the warmer weather makes it easier to get the job done.

The heat that passes through the chimney causes deterioration over time. This heat not only affects the masonry, it can also cause corrosion to the flue. The mesh that protects the chimney cap can become blocked by soot, which will affect the way the chimney operates. So don’t wait till the cold season is just around the corner before scheduling an appointment for your chimney. Use your chimney safely, and without worry when you know that it has been inspected, cleaned and repaired.

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