With the arrival of the summer season there are always a few things you can count on, like backyard parties, beach trips and plenty of outdoor fun. There are a few things that come with the seasons that no one looks forward to. One of these is chimney issues that usually show up at this time of the year. Luckily these can be quickly detected by a technician, which is all the more reason to schedule an inspection now.

  • Air Leaks. Over time, dampers can become rusted and warped. This will prevent them from closing properly. If you notice that your energy bills keep rising during this period, it could be because cold air is escaping through a gap in the damper. A damper replacement is a routine task for a technician, and it will result in lower household expenses.
  • Chimney odors. Bad odors from the chimney can sometimes take over your house. After every winter there is creosote in the chimney. When it starts to get wet it smells, so you really should take care of it early. The problem usually rises when rainwater gets into the chimney, so one way to avoid it is to install a cap. Leaky flashing can also cause water to get inside.
  • Heavy creosote buildup. After a long winter, there will be a lot of creosote inside the chimney. Neglecting this can increase the risk of a fire the next time you use your fireplace. This is an extremely flammable substance and it is important to remove it from the chimney every year. Skipping this maintenance task can put your family at risk.
  • Chimney cleaning scams. At this time of year you might be visited by someone offering cheap rates to clean your chimney. Homeowners are often swayed by these low rates but the problem is that the chimney does not get the type of cleaning it needs. Keep in mind that the professionals do not make unsolicited calls or visit your home.
  • Creature invasion. Chimneys can be very inviting to birds and rodents. If they nest in the chimney without you knowing, smoke could fill your home when you light a fire. Even if the rodents or birds leave, debris may remain inside the chimney.

These summertime chimney issues can be cause for concern when winter comes, but it is easy for the right technician to deal with them. Call us to schedule an early appointment to get your chimney ready for the next cold season.

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