The fireplace is a standard fixture in many homes, but more and more we are learning that they can sometimes be inefficient heat producers. Using seasoned wood and maintaining the chimney can help, but the best way to boost efficiency is by installing a fireplace insert. Different types are designed to use wood or wood pellets, coal, natural gas or propane.

More efficient heating will make the home more comfortable in winter, and it can help to lower costs. You can also take a look at a few other options for home heating that a bit different from the standard fireplace inserts.

Freestanding Wood Stoves

This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want something permanent, and who might want to take it along to a new residence. Some people would prefer to keep the existing fireplace and still have an additional heat source. Freestanding wood stoves are also sometimes referred to as freestanding inserts.

Cast Iron Inserts

The main advantage of this type of insert is its ability to retain heat for long periods. This makes it an effective and budget friendly heating source. In fact, it stays hot and continues to radiate heat even after the fire has died. Cast iron is a durable material, so you can expect this insert to last for a long time.

Masonry Stove

This is a complete structure, with the fireplace already inside a surrounding structure. It is easy to install, and ideal for large rooms, where it adds not only ambience but also a decorative touch. Masonry stoves have a modern look that is ideally suited to the look so common in home interiors today. They have glass compartments that vary in size, positioned inside the structure which may be make from bricks, sandstone or soapstone, or some other type of material.

Fitted Inserts

These are fireplaces that are made to fit into spaces created for them. If it is done right, the end result should be seamless and attractive. Even though they are pre-built, installation should still be handled by a professional.

Fireplace Inserts in Drexel Hill

No matter what type of heat source you use, it is important to pay attention to the exhaust system. If you are burning wood in the home, schedule regular visits by the chimney sweep to do this safely each year. Inserts and other types of heat sources vary in price, so keep your budget in mind when making a choice.

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