Fire safety is an important issue for homeowners all over the country. We take great care with the use of our fireplaces and the maintenance of chimneys. Monitoring the electrical system and the use of electronic equipment   is another step towards fire prevention. If you don’t get your dryer vents inspected and cleaned annually, your fire safety procedures may be lacking. Here are some useful tips you can follow to keep your vents from becoming a fire hazard.

  1. The first, and possibly the most important step is the proper design and installation of the dryer vent system. A system with too many bends can slow the removal of heated air from the dryer. This allows lint to deposit more rapidly in the lines. Vent system installation should also comply with local building regulations.
  2. Make sure that a lint filter is in place the first times you use the dryer. Cleaning it out after each use of the dryer will help the equipment to operate more efficiently.
  3. Never leave the home or go to bed with the dryer still running. You need to be there in case there is a need for you to respond quickly.
  4. If you need more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes, get the vents checked for lint blockage.
  5. Check the lint screen to make sure that it is clear, and wash it out at least twice a month.
  6. Check the vent flap to make sure that it operates properly when you are using the dryer.
  7. Use a vacuum to lower the amount of lint in the vent lines.
  8. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the air exhaust vent pipe.
  9. Owners of gas powered dryers should check the lines occasionally for leaks or any sign of damage.

The risk of dryer fires tends to increase in the winter months. This is usually due to the fact that these appliances have to deal with loads of heavier clothing. The disturbing thing about this danger is that no ignition source is necessary for a fire to start. Excess heat builds up in the line due to lint accumulation and this is enough to set the flammable lint alight. You will not be able to clean the system as thoroughly as it needs to be, but you can rely on professionals to keep your dryer from becoming a fire hazard.

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