Fire creates feelings of warmth, an inviting atmosphere, relaxation and cozy times, but sometimes starting a good crackling fire can be a real hassle. There are quite a few things that you can do though, to build a fire quickly and easily. It all starts with the right type of wood and the way it’s stacked. Here are 6 tips for building a good fire:

  1. The type of wood that you burn will determine how good your fire will be. You will not want to burn wood that is wet, green or rotted. We always recommend that people purchase wood that has been dried and seasoned.
  2. It is important that you store your firewood properly as well. We recommend storing the wood off of the ground and keeping it covered from the elements.
  3. Many people start a fire using the teepee method, where they stack the logs to look like a teepee. However, if you stack your logs in layers they will burn more evenly. You will also have a better base when you add more logs to the fire.
  4. Most people will start their fires with the kindling on the bottom and then the larger logs on the top, but it may be better to build your fire the opposite way. If you place your logs on the bottom in layers and place the kindling on top, the fire will work its way down to the larger logs and the base will become hotter much more quickly.
  5. A loosely stacked pile of logs is good for shorter fires that you don’t mind tending to throughout the day. However, if you want the fire and heat to last a longer period of time without needing to check on it all of the time, you will want to stack the wood closely together.
  6. Remove the ashes from the bottom of the fireplace every couple of days and place in a bucket to let them finish cooling.

Make Sure Your Chimney is Safe

We recommend that you have your chimney cleaned every year to remove any build-up of soot and creosote. This will help keep the air flowing and the fire burning better. Remember, your fireplace or wood stove and chimney are designed to work together to make your fires the best they can be.

Chimney cleaning is very dirty work, so to avoid a huge mess inside your home, give us a call. We’re available during normal business hours. We have two CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certified chimney sweeps in house. Call us at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment for a consultation, chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, or chimney or masonry repair.