You probably do not think about your chimney too often, however as fall approaches you may want to give it another thought. Chimney damage is not always visible and it is always better if you can do preventative maintenance before the entire chimney needs to be replaced.

Here are 6 problems that may mean that your chimney needs to be repaired:

  1. If the mortar joints in your chimney have become damaged, they need to be repaired quickly. If these joints are not repaired, water can continue to seep into the bricks and cause larger cracks. When these cracks get large enough, the entire chimney can collapse.
  2. If there is rust on your damper, then there is moisture inside your chimney. Moisture is never a good sign, because it means that the chimney is not operating properly. The moisture can also cause the flue to crack which can cause a house fire.
  3. If the bricks in your chimney are flaking then you will know that the bricks have water inside. The excess water is forcing the bricks to peel and deteriorate.
  4. The tiles from the flue lining can become cracked and break when it is damaged from water and moisture. If the flue lining of your fireplace is not intact, then it is not safe for you to use the fireplace.
  5. The chimney crown helps keep water from pouring down the chimney. When the chimney crown is cracked, broken or missing, water can get down into the chimney and next to the liner.
  6. The flashing around the chimney needs to be secure or water will seep through to the roof and eventually the ceilings. This can cause a lot of water damage inside the house.

You may not be able to see a lot of these problems on your own, which is why it will be necessary to hire a professional. By doing some preventative maintenance, you can save yourself quite a bit of money and the stress that goes along with any major repair.

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