The upcoming winter means cold temperatures followed by freezing temperatures. During those winter days, you will want to do nothing more than curl up in front of a fire under a cozy blanket.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for the upcoming winter:

Prepare Your Fireplace

Preparing your fireplace is much more than opening the doors and throwing some wood in before lighting a match. We recommend that you hire a professional to clean and inspect your chimney before you start your first fire.

Burn Seasoned Wood

Wood that has been dried for at least six months is considered seasoned and it is the only thing that we recommend that you burn in your fireplace. The reason for that is that seasoned wood will burn longer and it also doesn’t create as much creosote. Wet wood, unseasoned wood, wrapping paper, and other items will smoke a lot and that smoke will billow out into your home.

Build the Fire Properly

You may think that the logs can go anywhere inside your fireplace, but truthfully, they need to be placed in the back on top of a metal grate. The metal grate will allow the ashes to fall to the bottom of your fireplace for you to remove when they are cool enough. We also recommend that you use kindling instead of a flammable liquid when you are starting your fire.

Install a Screen or Glass Doors

A metal screen or glass doors will keep all those flying embers inside your fireplace and that will prevent them from starting a fire inside your home. These items will also keep little hands away from the burning fire.

Keep the Area Safe

Speaking of little hands, children are quite curious, especially when it comes to fire. You may tell them a hundred times that it is hot, but they will still get close as they try to touch it. In addition to glass doors, you may want to consider a gate around your hearth if you have little ones in your home. This gate may also be handy if you have pets, because they might decide to get a little too close one day as well.

Chimney Services in Delaware County

These tips can help keep you and your family safe when you have a fire burning in your home. If you are not sure if you are ready for your first fire, give us a call so we can help you out. Call us at 610-626-2439 to schedule chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, dryer vent cleaning, or utility flue cleaning. We’ll schedule an appointment as quickly as possible and help you keep these things under control.