As the winter season starts to wind down, you will start to make plans for some spring cleaning. The extent of the cleaning is different for everyone, but here is one thing you should be adding to the list; getting the chimney cleaned. This is the perfect time to do a top to bottom cleaning of the home, and it will not be really clean with a dirty fireplace and chimney. Here are five reasons why you should make this a priority when the weather gets warmer.

  1. Regular use of the chimney during winter will leave creosote behind, even if the chimney was cleaned before the season. If moisture comes in contact with creosote it will produce a strange smell inside the home. Many homeowners have probably noticed this odor without realizing the cause. If a chimney sweep clears out the chimney and fireplace, this will get rid of the unpleasant smell.
  2. Using your chimney can lead to the accumulation of soot. This might seem like a minor problem until it reaches your furniture and stains the area around the hearth or your carpets. Cleaning right after winter will get rid of soot and keep it from causing any unsightly dust or stains in the home.
  3. Calling a chimney sweep right after winter is a good way to give your chimney a checkup. Professional chimney sweeps will thoroughly inspect chimneys during the cleaning process. If there is any damage to the flue or liner you could have problems when the next cold season hits. Finding flaws early will allow you to act quickly on repairs, saving money on any future chimney work.
  4. Remember that as it gets closer to another winter, the services of chimney sweeps will be in demand. Getting your chimney cleaned right away will put you in a good position. Why wait till another winter is near? It is best to get this job done as quickly as possible so you will be ready and you can avoid the pre-winter rush and higher rates.
  5. After winter has passed, your fireplace will not be in its best shape. Remember that it plays a role in the look of your home’s interior, so it should always be presentable. Even though you will not be using it when the weather is warm, it should be on your spring cleaning list.

Chimney professionals will have your chimney and fireplace cleaned quickly without making a mess inside the home. Since the National Fire Protection Association recommends regular chimney cleaning, you will be doing the right thing for your family’s safety. You can trust both of the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service to provide top quality service. Give us a call at 610-626-2439 to get your chimney cleaned now.