Relining the chimney isn’t cheap and it isn’t an easy project. We completely understand when you say that you want to shop around for the best deal when your chimney is having problems. Don’t rely only on the opinion of the nice young man who knocked on your door or called you to let you know your chimney is emitting carbon monoxide or is showing signs of damage, either. Chimney sweeps don’t generally go door to door selling their services or using scare tactics to convince you to purchase services you may not need. You should always get a second opinion on big money items like surgery, your vehicle, home repairs, and of course, chimney repairs. Here are five reasons to get a second opinion for chimney repair or chimney relining.

  1. Confirmation of Problems: Chimney scams are very popular in Springfield and the surrounding areas, including all of the Main Line towns. Someone who just shows up on your doorstep or rings your phone to let you know you have chimney problems that you haven’t noticed may be trying to scam you. Call at least two or three local chimney professionals for a second… third… or fourth opinion about the chimney problems the first person claims to have discovered.
  2. Detailed Quotes from Multiple Professionals: A true chimney specialist won’t just stand back, look at the chimney, and start throwing out numbers. We need to know precisely what’s going on with the chimney before we can offer an actual quote. We can provide some approximated numbers, but the bottom line is always what’s on the written quote.
  3. Best Price from the Best Source: You may click better with the chimney service provider who gives you a mid-range quote or maybe even the higher quote than the person who quotes the lowest. Don’t base your decision to work with a chimney service on price alone; the trustworthiness and professionalism expressed during the quote process goes a long way.
  4. Multiple Options: All CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps will be well-versed in the use of clay tiles, cast-in-place liners, and metal liners, but they may prefer one over the other for any number of reasons.
  5. Multiple Courses of Action: All chimney problems are addressed similarly by different chimney sweeps. Each quote may offer something unique that the other doesn’t. Some chimney sweeps may offer an additional protective maintenance service for free with a minimum purchase, for example.

Call Lou Curley’s Chimney Service at 610-626-2439 and we’ll gladly schedule an appointment for an assessment, inspection, cleaning, or repair. We currently have two CSIA Certified and C-DET Certified chimney specialists under the same roof, so all of our work is handled in-house with no outsourcing. Remember to schedule your post-winter chimney inspection and cleaning early to prevent scheduling problems toward the end of winter when maintenance is needed the most.