At first, it may seem counterintuitive to think about your fireplace and chimney during the warm summer months. Here are 5 reasons that summertime chimney cleaning and inspection are actually a great idea.

  1. Get Right In: One great perk to thinking about your chimney during the summer months is the ease with which you’ll be able to get an appointment. Since many homeowners aren’t thinking about chimney maintenance, you’ll have more appointment options to fit your schedule.
  2. Home Efficiency: Your fireplace keeps you warm during the winter, but did you know that the damper in your chimney can contribute to keeping your home cool during the summer? With age, many chimney dampers tend to stick and fail to close. Having them fixed and allowing the damper to stay closed will keep heat out and cool air in.
  3. Increased Safety: Having your chimney cleaned in the spring or summer and having the chimney cap checked helps to keep out pests and flammable debris. Making sure nothing can build up in your chimney during the summer greatly reduces the risks of a chimney fire when it’s time to use your fireplace again. In addition to home safety, any roof-climbing that needs to be done can be safer when it’s cool and dry outside rather than icy or rainy.
  4. Structural Damage: Waiting too long to schedule repairs on your chimney can put your home at risk. Masonry flaws can allow chimney fires that should have been contained to spread outside your home very quickly. Taking care of any repairs in the spring or summer will ensure that your fireplace is in top shape when you need to use it to keep warm.
  5. Convenience: Nothing is less convenient than having to stop using the things in your house that you need. Like having water shut off to do repairs, waiting until you need your fireplace to help heat your home can be a headache. Taking care of cleaning and inspection during the summer means you can use your fireplace when you need it during the winter.

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