The holiday rush is over, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and spring is in the air. Okay after a few more snow days spring will be well on its way. A lot of homeowners want to wait until the end of summer to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection and cleaning, and it’s tempting. But the best time to call to make your appointment is now; at the end of winter. You’re just finishing up this year’s firewood, winter is coming to an end, and there are more fun things to do during the summer than wait at home for a chimney inspection. Here are 5 great reasons to schedule your chimney appointment for spring.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling in late summer for a fall appointment may mean that you have to wait several weeks. A lot of homeowners wait to schedule their appointment in hopes of getting their cleaning and inspection near Halloween or Thanksgiving. That is a very busy time in our field and often causes delays in scheduling. Early scheduling means getting an early appointment.

Get it Over with

Just do it and call it done. Don’t put it off just because you want to avoid it for now. It’s something that has to be done at least once a year, just like other home maintenance projects. You don’t put off changing the oil in your vehicle, so don’t put off home and chimney maintenance either. Do it and mark it off the to-do list for a year.

Peace of Mind through Summer

A chimney inspection and cleaning will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your chimney cap is keeping small animals out of the flue. There will be no reason to worry about the aroma of dead critter wafting through the house every time the wind blows this summer.

Avoid the Holiday Rush

We hate to do it, but sometimes we have to turn people down during the holidays. We can’t push your appointment past others already on the list just because it’s the holidays and you want to use your fireplace. Take the time to plan ahead so you aren’t put in that situation.

Prevent Water Damage

Waterproofing your chimney is so extremely important. Your chimney takes damage from the wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and even from the sun on a daily basis. The brick and mortar take a beating and will start to show signs of damage over time. Take the time to waterproof your chimney or hire us to do it for you before spring and summer thunderstorms hit.

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