You may not use your chimney that much during the year, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your chimney inspected every year. There are too many problems that can occur with a chimney and most of the time it is cheaper to repair the damage when it is small then to wait until the problem has grown much larger. Here are 5 reasons why you need your chimney inspected every year:

Damaged Masonry

Cracked and damaged bricks and mortar can wreak havoc on any chimney. If this damage gets too bad, you may end up with a collapsed chimney, which will not be good for your house or you.

Water Damage

Water damage from a chimney can affect the rest of your home. If water is leaking between the flashing and the roof, you may end up with water inside your attic, through your ceilings, and even down your walls. This damage can be expensive to repair and if it is not caught in time, you may even end up with mold and mildew growth.

Critter Control

An animal may end up inside your chimney, especially during the winter months when it is cooler outside and warmer inside your chimney. This animal can cause a blockage with the nest they build to protect their own family. We can definitely tell you that the smell from a dead animal inside your chimney is something that you do not want lingering for any length of time.

Flue Damage

A damaged flue can cause your home to be less energy efficient, because cold or warm air can leak out through a flue that doesn’t close all of the way. You will be paying more to try to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Chimney Inspection

An inspection can determine if your chimney should really be cleaned. Even if you did not use your chimney too much, there still may be a large amount of creosote built up inside. This could have been caused from burning wet wood or items that should not have been burned. If you have too much creosote inside your chimney, you are taking a chance that it will catch on fire and that could be catastrophic.

A chimney inspection does not take that much time and it is always good to find damage before it gets too bad. A few small repairs can add years of functionality to a chimney, whereas unnoticed damage can mean needing an entirely new chimney sooner than later.

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