Finding water or moisture inside your chimney is never a good thing and it is a problem that you will want to solve sooner than later. Thankfully, there are only a few reasons why your chimney could be leaking, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to the cause of the issue.

Here are 5 reasons your chimney is leaking:

  1. The most common reason your chimney is leaking is that rain is entering from the top. If you do not have a chimney cap on the top of your chimney, then you are inviting not only rain, but snow, animals, and debris to enter and cause damage.
  2. Another potential reason your chimney is leaking is that your chimney crown is cracked. The crown is the cement part at the top of your chimney and once it cracks, there is nothing to stop the water from seeping inside and dripping down into your chimney.
  3. An improperly sized chimney liner can cause condensation on the inside of your chimney. While that may not seem like that big of a deal, it can be. The reason for this is that the condensation can seep into the walls surrounding your chimney, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
  4. The flashing that covers where your chimney goes through your roof can also be the cause of the leakage. After a while, the flashing can pull away from the bricks, causing a gap, and the water can pour directly into there.
  5. One of the worst causes of a leaking chimney is the bricks themselves. Bricks and the mortar that is used can absorb water over time, and unfortunately, this water can freeze and thaw numerous times over the course of months and years. All that freezing, and thawing will cause the bricks and mortar to crack and become damaged, which will then allow the water to enter your chimney.

Most of these chimney leaking causes can be fixed easily by a professional chimney sweep. While it may seem like you can ignore the water for some time, it is best not to, as the damage can become significant quickly. Instead, we recommend that you have it fixed immediately, to save yourself a substantial amount of money and time.

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