Anyone can learn to sweep a chimney and call themselves a chimney sweep by trade, so why is certification so important? Why should you hire a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified chimney sweep instead of just another Joe who can do the job? The chimney and fireplace are working appliances in your home, not just inanimate objects. You wouldn’t hire an unqualified mechanic to work on your car, after all, so don’t take your chances on hiring an unqualified chimney sweep. Let’s look at four key reasons to hire a CSIA Certified chimney sweep to clean and inspect your chimney.

  1. Higher Standards – As professionals in our trade, we hold ourselves to higher standards than most. We have worked very hard to earn each of our certifications and to build our reputation in Drexel Hill and the surrounding areas. Homeowners call on us year after year for repeat services because we have a lot of experience and it shows in our work.
  2. Education – We feel that you have to better yourself in order to be successful in any line of work. Our education is what has provided the means for us to start and maintain a successful business. We completed a course of study and passed a 90 minute exam in order to claim CSIA certification.
  3. Tools of the Trade – We have all of the proper tools to take care of chimneys and fireplaces. Our professional grade tools differ from those you can purchase in a chimney cleaning kit from your local hardware. We, like your local mechanic, have certain sets of tools that work under specific circumstances, and we’re trained to know when to use them.
  4. Ongoing Education – The CSIA requires recertification each year. We have to renew our credentials and pay the recertification fee every year to maintain our membership in the CSIA.

We started the company as a one-man-show. Lou Curley was the owner and sole operator. Last year his wife and brother joined the team after his brother obtained his CSIA and CDET certifications. Education and a professional manner have brought us this far, and we will continue to better ourselves to earn the trust and business of homeowners who call on us.

Don’t trust just any chimney sweep with your chimney services. Anyone can claim to be an experienced chimney sweep, but keep in mind that education plus experience goes much further than just experience. Many things change and differ from chimney to chimney. Our ongoing education ensures that we will know how to handle each unique situation as it is presented. Lou Curley’s Chimney Service is located in Drexel Hill and we provide all types of chimney services throughout the Main Line. Call us at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.