If you already know that you should get an annual chimney inspection and cleaning you are doing your part to keep your home safe. However, the actual scheduling of your chimney inspection is just as important. Most people prefer to avoid dealing with the rush in various activities. This should apply to your chimney care as this article will show.

Why Summer is The Best Time for a Chimney Cleaning?

You can get a chimney inspection and cleaning done as long as you are not using it. It is true that it is much easier to schedule an appointment with a sweep in the summer, but there are few other reasons why this is the best time.

  1. Your HVAC system. The HVAC system in your home circulates the air. Bad odors can eventually fill the entire home. Chimney creosote can produce strange smells when moisture reaches it. This is something you might not notice while the chimney is in use. If you used the fireplace a lot during the winter, there will be more creosote deposits and an even stronger odor. This is a good reason get the chimney cleaned early in the summer so you can avoid this problem when you start using your air conditioning.
  2. A jumpstart on repairs. Even if you carry out a visual inspection of your chimney, there is a good chance you will not see minor signs of damage. These can turn into expensive repairs if you don’t deal with them, so you should never put this off. If you schedule an early summer inspection, the sweep will spot even minor damage, and can then schedule the repair work. If you’re lucky, this work might be done on the same day.
  3. The best time for chimney work. Many chimney sweep actually work at any time of year, but any of them will tell you that the spring and summer periods actually make the work easier.
  4. Spotting mortar leaks. When the snow and ice have thawed out, the sweep will be able to see the spots where moisture has caused damage to the chimney. If any repairs are necessary, warm weather is more suitable for the curing process. This will ensure that the repair work holds, and that you don’t have to spend money going over the same areas again.

If you use the chimney often, you may need more than one inspection every year. Never wait until temperatures start to drop before talking to a chimney technician. At that point, it could be too cold to deal with problems effectively.

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