No one ever wants to hear that their chimney needs repairs, especially since it can cost a lot of money if there is a lot of damage. The damage on a chimney can get worse quickly, which is why we always recommend that you have repairs done immediately for even the smallest issue.

Here are 4 reasons to repair your chimney during the warm summer months:

No Waiting

During the fall and the winter, we are quite busy, because all of a sudden people remember that they have a very dirty chimney. It takes time to clean all those chimneys, and of course, some of them are going to need repairs. This means that are waiting lists are long. If you schedule your cleaning and repairs for the summer, you will not have to wait any length of time or worry about whether you will have a cold house while the repairs are being completed.

Keep the Water Out

Loose, damaged, or missing chimney caps will allow all the summer rain to flow down your chimney causing water damage. The easiest way to keep the water out is to replace or repair your chimney cap. The sooner that you do this, the less damage you will see from the water.

Materials Cure Better

The materials used for masonry repair cure much better when the temperatures are warmer. Colder temperatures would allow for the possibility of water getting into the material and continuously freezing and thawing, causing damage to what you have just had fixed.

Stay Warm While the Work is Being Done

Some chimney repairs take a considerable amount of time and if the work is done during the winter, you would not be able to use your chimney for the entire time that the work was being completed. By having these repairs completed during the summer, you would not need to worry about staying warm, because hopefully, the outdoor temperatures are keeping you nice and toasty.

By having your chimney repaired during the summer months, you will keep yourself from the inevitable. Chimney damage can get worse rather quickly and what may have cost a few hundred dollars now may end up costing a few thousand dollars in a couple of months.

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