If you can shine a strong flashlight up the chimney and see a clear path, you’re good; right? Unfortunately no, that is not correct. Creosote appears as a shiny substance, so a lot of people think if the interior of their chimney is shiny, it’s clean. You may not see any visible signs of dirt or creosote, but it’s still there. So here are four great reasons to hire a CSIA certified chimney sweep this year to take care of your chimney needs.

  1. Prevent House Fires: The top few feet of the chimney is where it accumulates first then slowly builds down the flue. One single ember or spark has the potential to start a chimney fire if it travels up and meets the creosote. A chimney fire can quickly spread to the interior of your home and prove catastrophic.
  2. Identify Potential Problems: The chimney and fireplace or wood burning stove work together as a single appliance. All appliances require maintenance from time to time and the chimney and fireplace are no exception. We can identify potential problems like cracked flue tiles or other interior damage and repair them before they become a very costly problem.
  3. Complete Your Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance: Hire us to clean and inspect your chimney as a final step of your 2017 spring cleaning regimen and we’ll help top things off. You’ll have a clean chimney that doesn’t smell like creosote, soot, or smoke, and you’ll be able to finish up the last of the cleaning in no time.
  4. Improve the Quality of the Air in Your Home: Creosote makes the diameter of your chimney’s flue smaller as it builds. This reduction in size causes smoke and dangerous gases to back up and enter your home. You may not even notice them at first; then you’ll see discoloration on your furniture or you’ll notice soot in areas that it shouldn’t be. This means that the air quality has been compromised and a good chimney cleaning will help prevent future issues.

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire a CSIA certified chimney sweep. We take on the dirty job of cleaning the creosote from your flue and we can repair most masonry issues. We will offer additional services such as waterproofing your masonry chimney to prevent costly repairs in the future.

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