Every homeowner has some sort of maintenance budget, no matter how modest. There will always be a few items that make the list every year, and money set aside to deal with these maintenance tasks. On the other hand, some people sometimes forget or sometimes ignore a few tasks that should be listed in the budget. It is not unusual for some people to call a chimney sweep every other year. This might have to do with the belief that minimal use means that the structure does not need to be cleaned or inspected. Here are some good reasons why you should never make this mistake.

  1. Preventing a house fire. The burning of wood always produces creosote, even when you only use the chimney a few times. It is important to have this flammable compound cleaned out to get ready for the next winter season. Creosote left over from the year before could start to burn if you have to use the chimney often. In fact, a fire can start in the chimney without you realizing it, so getting rid of even small amounts is wise.
  2. Lower heating bills. If you don’t want your heating costs to rise and add to your expenses, then make it part of your annual budget. A well maintained chimney operates efficiently and is a great source of swell-maintainedt. A drafty chimney can lead to air loss which can make it more expensive to heat or cool your home. The cause is usually a warped or rusty damper, which a chimney technician can easily spot.
  3. Keep repair costs low. One of the best reasons for regular inspections is the ability to find problems early. Dealing with cracks or minor spalling will not put a strain on your budget. If these problems worsen, this could weaken the entire structure. You may be faced with extensive repairs, or possibly the need to replace the chimney.
  4. Preventing carbon monoxide. Wood burning produces dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, which must be properly vented to keep the home safe. Malfunctioning dampers, heavy creosote buildup or nesting animals can decrease efficiency. An annual chimney inspection before winter will guarantee that it is safe for use during those cold months.

A certified chimney technician will make your chimney safe for use. Comfort and peace of mind are important when you burn fires in your fireplace, so don’t take any chances. Make chimney cleaning and inspection a part of your annual household budget. Call us at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment if you’re in the Springfield area and need a certified chimney sweep. We service the entire Main Line region and would be happy to get you on the books.