When summer begins, many homeowners have lists of chores and tasks they want to get out of the way. Chimney maintenance is not usually high on these lists, but it should be. In fact, there are good reasons to get this done before the fall season. Since the chimney and fireplace are not used year round, it is easy to forget that you need a visit from a chimney sweep.

Fall is a bad time to try to get this done. You might have difficulty getting an appointment, because chimney sweeps in our area may be busy with repairs and other appointments. Another thing to note is that at this time the temperature can drop. You might feel the need to use your fireplace, so this will pose some difficulty if you want to set a cleaning appointment. Here are some good reasons to get this done before you need to light the first fire for the cold season.


Keeping your chimney clean is one of the ways to maintain the safety of your home. If you think about the function of a chimney it is easy to see why cleaning it each year should be a priority. Dangerous gases escape though the chimney, and any blockage can cause these to flow back into the home. Creosote can cause a fire in the home, so cleaning the chimney regularly will reduce this risk.

Keep the Home Odor Free

If you notice an unpleasant odor in the home, you might be surprised to learn that your chimney is the source. This is usually the result of paying too little attention to this structure. Creosote that builds up in the winter can produce an unpleasant smell in warmer months, especially if it becomes wet. Clean your chimney and this will never be an issue.

Protect Your Chimney and Fireplace

Regular chimney maintenance can actually help your chimney and fireplace to last longer. This will help any homeowner to save money. Repair small defects cheaply before the deterioration worsens.

The Earlier the Better

Chimney sweeps tend to be much busier as fall draws near. The reason is that many people leave maintenance until the cold season is around the corner. You local sweep might have his hands full with other cleaning appointments, not to mention repairs.

Your chimney and fireplace are investments, and you should protect them with annual inspections. When fall comes, you should be happy knowing that your chimney has already been inspected and cleaned, and that it is ready to keep you warm.

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