I’ve mentioned scam artists in previous blog posts, and would like to take the chance to do it again today. Homeowners and commercial property investors should always have the business card and contact information of a good chimney service. You may not think that this is necessary if you don’t have a chimney, but they can offer more services than you may know. Having contact information on hand may help prevent the possibility of you falling victim to a chimney sweep scam artist.

It’s with that in mind that you should look at the services provided by professionals in this field and how we can help you build on the right things and keep your home’s value rising. There are three services that a good service of this type can offer, and they start with some obvious ones and branches out from there. Here are the three services we’re going to talk about today:

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Washer and dryers bring about a great overall convenience in the home. You will be delighted by having this in place, but when you start to look at things on a closer level, you’ll find that dryers can cause a great deal of problems. Washers are also problematic, but it’s the dryer that could start a fire and burn your home down. Ok, this is an extreme that most people don’t want to consider, but it’s the truth. A good chimney service will come through and clean out the vents, ensure that your dryer is working correctly, and will help you improve things over time.

Damper Replacement

Your damper is important, especially if you’re going to burn logs from time to time. Dampers allow heat to escape properly, and trap in the right elements. You want to make sure that you have a good damper in place so that you are not losing heat and letting in cold. Replacements are going to be needed over time, as it will help with regulating smoke, debris, and insulation as well. When things are not working right, you will introduce smoke into the home, and let heat out when the winter months come in. Get an inspection from time to time, and you’ll end up with a positive in the long run.

Chimney Relining

Another thing that you are going to need from a good chimney company is relining the interior of your fireplace. You may not know this, but there’s lining on the inside that collects dust, debris, and burned embers. You will find that these can catch fire, create toxic smoke, and even introduce toxicity into your home. Changing the lining will give your home a long standing solution that is going to help dramatically in the long term, guaranteed.

Avoid the Cons

The above are just some of the services that a good chimney service provider can help you with. They may seem odd to some, but they help not only keep your home without issue, but could also save your life. Get an inspection from time to time to ensure things are running safely over time, and please keep in mind that professional chimney sweeps do not go door to door to get your business. Always keep an eye out for con artists, and don’t trust anyone who isn’t CSIA certified.